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Monday, October 26, 2009

New Anthropology Forum

I'm out of this project.

I got out of there only a couple of days after: among other things, someone had the great idea of appointing certain Zionist maniac, who I know is very bad person and can't moderate (and whom I personally hate to death, btw) , as mod and even to place him in the same forum that was assigned to me. See here and here for background.

This was a cruel joke, a manipulative trick that certainly says nothing good about the new space. Also it seems these issues can't be even discussed in the mods' room. I feel clearly scammed. and used.


Old post follows

Today is a day of change for my links. On one side today is the day that Yahoo! kills the free website service Geocities and hence I lose my old site (not that I paid it too much attention, admittedly, but was handy) .

On the other hand a new Anthropology Forum is born. Today Anthrocivitas begins its life, apparently after gathering the best people you might have found in old and ill-fated anthropology forums, whose names I prefer not to recall.

At the moment, with just a few hours of existence, the site is rather empty but I am sure that this won't be the case anymore in just a few days. My expectations for this new site are very high: hopefully the sad prevalence of racist trolls in such kind of forums will be addressed properly and the quality of discussion and information shared should be very good.

But of course it all depends on who participates, so here I want to invite all among my readers who have a genuine interest for anthropology, genetics, prehistory and history, to join the site and make it fructify.



terryt said...

The link doesn't work for me Luis. Sounds interesting though. Hopefully you'll be able to do something about the link.

Maju said...

It's a perfomance problem of the server, not the link. They are looking into it but it gives a 404 error now and ten mins later is ok.

Anyhow, I'm probably not staying. I'm discovering fast it's not the place I wanted to be in but more of the same of what I've seen before and I do not want anymore.

Enough to tell you that the "leader" wants me to "patrol with Avigador Liebermann", so to say. I'd kill that guy and eat his guts - you probably get the point.

Maju said...

Nothing changed in some 24 hrs, so I resigned.

terryt said...

"someone had the great idea of appointing certain Zionist maniac".

Thanks for the warning.

Anonymous said...

You are clearly overreacting. And besides several other staff members are Pro-Palestina(including myself).
I like you Maju, our believes and our interests are mutual and i would never let someone impose their Zionism through moderation.
Put your pride aside and get your ass back to AC.

Best Regards, Kadu

Maju said...

Who are you? I'm getting tired of cowards who can only speak behind a mask instead of openly.

It's not a matter of Palestine/Zionism: it's a matter of:

1. Artbro is a very bad person and I do not need further proof of it than the persecution he initiated and sustained against me at AF. It was absolutely clear since moment 2 that he was being political, insulting and trying to intimidate me. I am not going to tolerate that kind of people at my side anywhere. As I said before, it's like asking me to go on patrol with Karadzic. Just because he's Zionist instead of Chetnik, I don't see why people has to act differently: a bad person is a bad person: policial, manipulative, inquisitorial... false.

2. Kadu should have told about his intentions since the very moment he took that self-defeating decission. He knew of the implications He did not: he waited for me to realize on my own.

3. He insulted me even further, by putting that guy in the same section as me. Kind of anecdotal but much like throwing salt to the wound anyhow.

4. He deleted the thread in the Mods' area where I raised this matter to discussion. I am not interested in lack of free speech and I was already before asking for guarantees for members, which seemingly was not a prioritary interest of anyone but me.

It was exactly the same story as with Artbro and Ayepod. That guy, I said before (but was deleted), is a toxic asset. In any case, I'm not playing this game: it would be foolish and whoever expected me to play was wrong.

I think I was just manipulated to loan my name to the site or even to be mocked at.

Whoever argues that such a mischievous political persecutor can be tolerated anywhere, much less in any position of power, either is an idiot or is a fascist him/herself.

I am not playing useful fool for such nazi scheme.