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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Huge demo against repression

One of the largest demonstrations ever in the Basque Country was the one gathered yesterday in Donostia (San Sebastian) in protest for the recent Spanish repression against Basque politicians.

The demonstration, called by the important labor union LAB, whose secretary general, Rafa Díez, was arrested in the latest political roundup, and backed by virtually everyone but the unionists (even the right-wing Basque Nationalist Party, always flirting with the state, joined it) gathered some 37,000 people in the Gipuzkoan capital, embracing totally the bay.

The president of the Athletic football club, J. M. Arrate, who also joined the demo, declared:

I have come because, if this situation extends in time, we are going to end like when Franco. Before they bring the tanks in we have at least to say that we do not agree.

Josu Loroño, well known sports journalist for the public media EITB, said showing his outrage:

This has been an abuse. And they are laughing at us Basques, they are laughing! This has to stop by any means.

There were of course many other declarations and many other personalities there... and many chants too, including many in support of the Basque prisioners, whose memory has been so often attacked as of late.

Source: Gara. Video link.

The Spaniards nervous

The so-called Socialist Party (social-democrats with a very pro-Capitalist stance in fact) and the so-called Popular Party (elitist ultra-conservatives lead by extremist Catholics and recycled fascists) who part the cake of Spanish "democracy", where no alternative is ever possible (and if it is, it goes to jail), showed some clear restlessness at the massive reaction to their latest abuses.

Notably, the so-called Lehendakari (president of the Western Basque autonomous region), Patxi López, who is in charge only after a decade when democracy has been suspended in the southern Basque Country, what allows him a parliamentary majority without anything close to a popular majority, dared to insult our intelligence saying nothing less that those that went to that demonstration "question the very democratic system" (source).

Mr. López: you can get your fascist idea of "democracy", put it in whatever bodily hole you find room for it, and start looking for political assilum in such "democratic" countries as Saudi Arabia, Iran or Burma. Because that is the "democracy" that you are talking of.

Get lost, damn "Lehendakari by the grace of God" and the Spanish Army. We have one of the oldest democracies in Europe and the whole World and we are not going to let a buffoon like you teach us lessons about democracy.

Democracy is the will of the people, democracy is that towns are ruled by an elected mayor and council, not one appointed from some dark hall at the Spanish Inquisition's headquarters, democracy is that you are not our Lehendakari. No way! You are only a pathetic usurper with as much legitimity as that Mossad agent that is Abbas.

Get lost! Let the Basque People choose!

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