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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Buyers beware (specially in the USA)

Continuing with my review of the latest articles published at Rebelión, there is
an interesting article by David Biello (Scientific American) and Mark Schapiro (Democracy Now!) where they denounce that the US industry has achieved in the last decade almost legal irresponsability, allowing them such criminal activities as selling lipstick with mercury and endocrine disruptors in children's toys.

This aggresive industrial policy has worked in the USA but has failed dramatically in Europe, where the lobbying efforts have got only very limited effect. Biello and Schapiro denounce that this irresponsible policy is not just bad for the US consumer but also for the industry in the mid-run, because the global trend is to protect the consumer, causing that exports are becoming inviable on public safety grounds.

When I studied in the USA in the late 80s I learned that the caveat emptor (buyer beware) policy had been reverted a century ago or so by a more active intervention of the state (FDA, now mostly inactive) but sadly it seems that a decade later this advance began being eroded in the name of "free market" and "small state".

So, friends and readers from the USA (in particular), beware!

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