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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Zionist Anthropology Forum (1)

The following was written some three days ago but stored as draft as new events unfolded. This and the upcoming posts of this series are mostly intended to give the explanations I could not give in the proper channels to the other members of that site. They won't find this issue explained anywhere in the site, except maybe in the backstage rumor mill that sadly enough seems the only reliable source of information there.

This post is about an infamoust Zionist-controlled site I'm leaving behind,, and why.

But I should start from the beginning. Why I joined it first of all. Well, as my readers surely know I am very interested in anthropology, prehistory and human genetics. So along the last years I've been member of several forums, not many anyhow because it's difficult to find nice places that deal with such matters (that sadly enough seem to attract racist bigots like honey does with flies). In the past I was hence member for some time of a now extinct site called Human Biodiversity Forum (HBF for short) that I eventually left tired of the abusive behaviour that was allowed to all kind of trolls, notably all kind of racist idiots.

But there was some nice people there too, not necesarily people that agreed with me in everything (not at all) but people with whom you could have decent serious constructive debates. Among them there was an Ethiopian nicknamed Ezana, a person I considered serious, hardworking and fair. When there was a vote to propose new moderators I voted for him but at the time he declined the responsability.

Years later, this spring, I saw a comment by Ezana in some other blog with a link to this Anthroforum site. I followed the link out of curiosity and found he was an administrator there. That was enough to persuade me to join.

So I've been active at that site for some time. Till today.

Things started going awry some days ago, as certain moderator, known as Artbro, who had been arguing with me rather heatedly on Zionism, sent me an informal warning for comparing Zionism with Nazism and arguably falling into ad-hominem attack because I included the sentence "You are a Nazi" in this context. No big deal, largely because it was not an infraction by the rules, that require "repeated personal attacks". But it got me paranoid about this guy and, as resulted eventually, with good reason.

Some days later, in the very same discussion thread, he decided that the following paragraph was "racial slur":

It's clear that Zionism is not good for Jews either, at least not for working class Jews. It's probably good for the financial and political aristocracy and the occasional Madoff (how many of the rest are just Madoffs filling their pockets and grabbing positions of power with the pretext of Zionism?)

According to him criticising the Jewish capitalist class, even if it's obviously in contrast to the Jewish working class, is racial slur.

It was such a blatant injustice that really got me pissed off. I nevertheless followed the procedure and appealed, first to Artbro himself (what was doomed from the beginning) and then to an administrator of my choice. I wanted to appeal to Ezana but it was then when I discovered that he was not anymore administrator. Later I found via gossip that Ezana and another administrator, Kadu, had been deposed by the site owner some days before, apparently because they wanted to punish some abusive white supremacists and the owner did not.

At that moment I felt that my presence on that site was virtually over. But I had to finish the procedure first, just to check the system and see if the rumors were correct or what? I could choose between thre administrators: Ayepod, the Jewish or half-Jewish owner of the site and the person responsible for Ezana's demotion and white racists being allowed to run amok, Augustus Khan, a Nordicist right-winger, and Aino Tuitti, a reflexive Finnish woman who was surely already a little molest with me for arguing that there was Siberian genetics specially among Uralic Europeans, and also among others.

I chose the later, requesting the infraction to be removed and Artbro to be disciplined for abuse of power. Minutes later I got a reply that she had to consult with Ayepod. I protested that she was supposed to rule on the appeal on her own but to no avail. Today I recieved a notification from Ayepod saying that the infraction stayed:

After some debate amongst the moderators, the consensus is that the infraction should stand. Although it should have been accounted in your infraction at the time, the 'Zionazi' jibe is also on our minds. The infraction is on the harsh side. So that it does not occupy your User CP forever, you can PM me in 5 or 6 weeks, and the infraction can be deleted from appearing in your User CP.

I replied that I was leaving and explaining in detail why (Zionist inquisitorial persecution, Ezana's demotion, feeling insulted about being called "racist", lack of a proper procedure, etc.) I also let that be known to everyone who matters in private communications.

(to be continued)


Anonymous said...

I am sorry about what happened there, Maju. I had no idea. Some subjects are very sensitive, almost taboo and the one you chose is a clear example. In other words, it is meterse en camisas de once varas. It is not fair, but that is the way it is. I don't think there is anything racist in what you wrote at all. The fact is that, as you said, some of these forums do attract a lot of racist bigots and they are not always disciplined. But Zionism is a very touchy and controversial subject, particularly if you oppose it. To some people, it is like a religious faith or their own identity. Again, I am very sorry. I think your posts were always a positive contribution to that forum.

Maju said...

Worry not. We are all sorry about all this shit, though in different ways I guess: I feel sorry for the Ayepod/Artbro tandem: how can they be so petty? Beats me, sincerely.

You said it well it's like a "religion" to some, a destructive cult.

Zionism is not a touchy subject at all. Some people of neonazi ideas are touchy about it because they love to pretend what they are not. And when you uncover them, well...

It's the first time ever I have been attacked in any serious way for being anti-Zionist. But it's good because now I can feel better what Jewish and Canadian anti-Zionists may be going through.

Beware of the Zionazis!

terryt said...

"You said it well it's like a 'religion' to some, a destructive cult".

Of course it's simply the Jewish religion. Yet I'm sure I remember you saying recently:

"here nobody really dares to challenge evolution (well, there are a handful ultra-conservative semi-literate - but no one with any influence)".

Changed your mind yet?

"Beware of the Zionazis!"

Our first priority has to be to attack the stupidity of their religion. But a difficult job when there is so much money behind it.

Maju said...

Terry: Zionists are often non-religious and many religious Jews are anti-Zionists, precisely on religious grounds.

This kind of people are not normally anti-evolutionists they just want Zionism not to be discussed at all and only present an "official" view of the matter.

Manju Edangam said...

The working classes are the pitiable victims or the worst culprits (murderers, looters and rapists) of any religious identity. However, I think you made a mistake there by taking up the name of Madoff and thus bringing back Jewish stereotypes.

The things get complicated with stereotypes which would become identity markers. The division between working class and capitalists becomes blurred when other identities latch up these identity markers.

It should have been obvious to any common man during Nazi era there existed a Jewish working class along with Jewish capitalist class (and probably insignificant percentage of them were people like Madoff comparable to capitalists in any other religious identities). But the power of stereotypes is evidently very strong.

May be arguing against Zionism without touching upon any stereotypes would be ideal.

Maju said...

However, I think you made a mistake there by taking up the name of Madoff and thus bringing back Jewish stereotypes.

Are we talking about the same Madoff? The guy who scammed the whole US Jewry? As well as many others, of course.


Obviously the guy was after me. Somehow, he could not argue it other than by equating capitalists to Jews (his explanation), he decided that it was good enough to attack me with the pretext of "racial slur".

Nobody else agrees.

Maju said...

Actually not: Zionists can perfectly agree, reluctantly maybe, that modern Jews have almost no Palestinian (ancient Hebrew) origins, and they can be atheist or agnostic.

The whole basis of Zionism is in fact the consolidation of the modern kind of secular ethnic nationalism, within a context that still thought valid that Europeans could go around grabbing land or whatever to other peoples, considered "barbarian".

You may be confusing genuine Zionism with Christian Zionism, which is just a fancy abhorrence to sell Zionism to the most extremist sectors of US society.

Anonymous said...

Augustus Khan a Nordicist? Why?

Maju said...

I'm under that impression from what I read from him. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

That's what I am asking; what did you read from him to conclude that he is a Nordicist?

Maju said...

I'd have to go all over the process of research I did back then and I'm not sure I have access anymore to that dreadful forum.

Some sort of Eurocentric racist in any case. Nordicist, Medicist, whatever.

Anonymous said...

Augustus Khan is no Nordicist, he doesn't even try to hide the "Mongoloidness" of some his fellow countrymen, more like the opposite.

Now I do believe that you could have read something that would lead you to think he was one, but that's because 90% of times he is being sarcastic and joking...

Maju said...

You may be right, IDK, but the case is that he did not gave me any good impression at all.

The rumor mill was not favorable to any of them either.

And where you can't discuss in the open, people will discuss at your back. Normally to no good.

Anonymous said...

You got some things very wrong regarding the rumors you heard.


Maju said...

Hmpf. That's the problem when there is no transparency, no open discussion.

Maju said...

No. I don't recall crossing paths with that person.