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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Death threats against Bilbao txupinera

Remember that the
txupinera of my hometown fiestas was being pressed to step down because her brother is in jail for political reasons? Well, the political campaign against her failed and she will perform her role normally... but the issue does not end here it seems. Some within the Neofascist unionist bloc have gone one step further, one step too far: they have sent her a letter with a bullet inside.

Spanish unionist terror is back, as I have been forced to report in the past (see this and this posts) and it is a worrisome trend, yet a situation we have lived with in the past and that has not reported any benefits to the enemies of the Basque People. To date no one has been officially murdered (though there is one missing and probably dead) since the GAL (police an mercenary commandos under direct Spanish guvernamental control) died off in the early 90s but the threats are there and we know well that the killings can begin again at any moment. I just hope to be worng, sincerely.

Hopefully we will have some resemblance of normality this upcoming Great Week (starts August 21st this year). In any case, my total support to Sonia Polo, who doesn't deserve this, obviously.

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