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Saturday, August 15, 2009

News from Palestine

I have been following for many months the
Palestine Blogs Aggregator, which is one of the best information sites on what is going on in Palestine from a variety of sources. The only downturn is that it is kind of overwhelming, with dozens of new items every day. This makes me difficult to comment on all them or even on the most relevant ones.

On the other hand direct regular info on what is going on behind the "kosher curtain" is not really available in the media. So I guess it is worth a try making a new section such as this one, briefly gathering an linking the most relevant news items, often outraging violations of human rights by the Zionist regime, on a regular basis.

Here it goes the first one:

  • Israel auctions refugees' land. The land robbed by Israel in 1948-49 and held by the state as "absentee property" (of course, refugees are banned from returning and claiming what is theirs, as they are not Jews) will be sold off under Israeli racist laws that will only allow Jews from anywhere to bid for it. -> Ramallah Online
  • Hamas rounds up extremist Islamist group linked to Al Qaeda, that had proclaimed an "emirate" in Gaza. Calls it Zionist puppet and says that Gaza belongs to Gazans. -> Irishh4Palestine, -> BBC
  • New Palestinian guerrilla group, the Jerusalem Army, claims capture of Israeli soldier near Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv. Israel says the claim is false. -> Gaza Solidarity -> The Palestine Center
  • Fatah veterans set to found new group, accuse Abbas of collaboration with the occupants. -> Gaza Solidarity
  • Hundreds demonstrate against arrests and intimidation campaing at the harassed town of Bil'in, center of nonviolent resistence against the occupation, separated from its lands by the wall of shame. International supporters also present. -> International Solidarity Movement, -> Bil'in, a village of Palestine
  • Human Rights Watch denounces Zionist defamation campaign. -> Derechos de todos (in Spanish)
  • Spaniards in alternative "holidays": rebuilding the homes demolished by the Zionist bulldozers. Campaign: Tú la tiras, nosotros la reconstruimos (you pull it down, we rebuild it). -> Derechos de todos (in Spanish). Related: Israeli protests against Spanish subsidies to NGOs that help Palestinians rebuild their homes -> El nido del cuco (in Spanish)
  • Israel involved in Colombia and other fascist networks in Latin America (not really hot news but worth recalling) -> El nido del cuco (in Spanish)
  • HRW, ICC: Israel killed white banner carrying civilians in Gaza (loads of links, check the aggregator)
I will try to keep with this informative section with some regularity.

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