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Friday, August 21, 2009

Israel official protest draws attention on yet another organ traffick scandal

The Judeonazi Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, Avigador Liebermann, has sparked a diplomatic row with Sweden that reminds somewhat to the pressure put on Denmark a few years ago on the issue of Mohamed cartoons. In a crucial aspect the case is the same: a newspaper publishes something and some freaky Middle Eastern extremist claims to heavens about it. The rest of the details are different.

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet published a story that tells of Israeli soldiers have repeatedly kidnapped Palestinian youths and returned their bodies days later - the lack of the organs was discovered in the preparations for the funerals. According to the newspaper, the most important of Sweden, these inccidents date back to 1992.

Liebermann, who is widely known for his extremist racist genocidal rantings, accuses the newspaper of "blood libel", whatever that means, and has demanded that the Swedish government intervenes. The foreign minister of Sweden, Carl Bildt (oil magnate and regular of the Bilderberg Group, hence probably a very influential patrician within the Atlantic Empire) has been forced to ratify the right of freedom of speech in Sweden. This in itself is another signal, I understand, of increased, but still limited, clash between important sections of the Zionist Mafia and the more pragmatic elements within the Empire.

The scandal comes to add to the similar and probably connected case in the USA where an organ trafficking network involving influential rabbis and centered in Israel was dismantled by the FBI.

But the Zionists still feel as impune as to openly protest the denounciation of such macabre business as "antisemitism". They do not care at all about the Jewish racism implicit in such operations, so similar to Hitler's disdain for non-German lives, but they claim that anyone denouncing it is a racist. How hypocritical!

Israel is sadly famous now for these organ trafficking schemes but has been for long denounced as a Mecca of female slavery, all protected by the racist laws and powers that govern the controversial country.

Sources: BBC, Intifada-Palestine, Palestine Free Voice, When being anti means being for coexistence, human rights and peace.

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