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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Neolithic cave destroyed by landowner in Aragon

Via Pileta en Blogger comes this video of the only mention in the Spanish media of the brutal destruction of the archaeological site of Chaves cave (Huesca province, Aragon, Spain) by a landowner who has emptied and dumped the sediments to make it a place to feed the animals of his hunting property. The landowner does not allow anyone to enter, even with the appropiate permits the patrimony authorities and has even fenced public paths.

The report ends with the question of which would be the appropriate punishment for such a criminal. I say that nothing less than death penalty and expropriation of all.


Kepler said...

Qué burros!
Jail for those landowners!
I distributed the link to all those I know in Spain.

Maju said...

Yes, it's one of the most brutal crimes I can imagine not directly affecting the life of people. He deserves to at least be expropriated without any compensation.

But... "no caerá esa breva".

Kepler said...

I agree 100%, expropiation without a single cent of compensation. Actually, he should on top of that pay.

Do you know what will happen? He will get €1000 fine if at all and he will manage to pay less thanks to his accountant.

Maju said...

1000 euros is too little. You get that for spitting on the floor these days.

This is a crime, not a misdemeanor, so he should get a sentence with jail, even if symbolic.

However I doubt the state ever prosecutes him or does with sufficient energy. Wealthy people always get away and that'swhy popular violence is necessary: because the state and its "justice" are a scam, a fare to protect the rich.

Kepler said...

We agree, we agree. I just say I am very afraid it is going to be a farce and he will get some stupid fine. I hope they take away that land from that person and put him in jail for some time.
This has to serve as an example. And since when can they ban the entrance to such a place?

This thing is like what happened with the Buddhas of Bamyan, perhaps even worse.

Me indigna, pero no me asombra: tenemos el mismo "acervo".
Similar things I have seen in the Lago de Valencia (Tacarigua), in my region.