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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Zionists may be planning a new "9/11" in Europe

Several mainstream newspapers from West Asia have been speculating that the Zionist intelligence may be planning a new "9/11" massacre in order to relaunch the "clash of civilizations" war mentality. These media claim to have detected unusual activity by Zionist agents, not in the USA, but in Europe. They speculate that they might attempt a massacre at some notable religious such as St. Peter's Basilica or Notre Dame in order to re-stimulate the declining hatred between Christians and Muslims worldwide, that the Zionists exploit to their advantage.

In a related event, top US intelligence officials declared to Congress that Al Qaeda, that ghostly puppet organization, so convenient to some, plans to attack in the USA in three to six months, using improved methods to avoid detection. According to Voltaire Net, which is the source of this information, these declarations, accompanied by ruthless claims that US intelligence is authorized to murder anyone, including US citizens, and speculations about a massive global cyber-attack by China, are meant to counter the information already circulating in West Asia about a "9/11" in Europe orchestrated by the Zionists.

These people (sadly in power) are so absolutely crazy, murderous and powerful that I would not be too surprised if they did all at the same time: massacres in both Europe and the USA, blamed on Al Qaeda, along with an attack against the Internet, blamed on China, in order to reinforce (or try to reinforce) their crumbling imperialist "new world order".

In a separate, retrospective article also at Voltaire Net, research journalist Pino Cabras reports that an unusually high number of passengers of the flight that supposedly crashed against the Pentagon in September 2001, had top level military connections, some quite curious. Another research journalist, Thierry Meyssan, tells in an annex that, already in 2002, the Iranian spokesman for the Supreme Leader of Iran, Hussein Sariatmadari, told him that they had researched carefully in that same line and that they counted that 75% of all passengers of the ill-fated 9-11 flights had connections with the Pentagon.

This can't be a coincidence, can it?


Ken said...

Actually it's the Pentagon and US intelligence who are stopping the Israel lobby getting US strike on Iran. They say it's out of the question while the US is committed in Iraq. The Pentagon hate being stuck with these Vietnam style conflicts which they can't get a clear cut victory in, they know it's the Israel lobby behind it all.

The Pentagon generals like playing with high tech hardware and getting lucrative seats on the board of arms suppliers when they retire. Not wars.

Maju said...

The issue is far from clear. There seems to be two factions as you say: the Zionists and the Realists or Pragmatists (not less imperialist but giving much less importance to the interests of Israel and the Zionist International), the latter with much weight in the Pentagon and elite think tanks.

The two factions anyhow have some sort of entente and none of them likes Iran, which is more and more in the orbit of China, though the Realists might flirt with Syria maybe and might have preferred not to invade Iraq and instead support Saddam Hussein as they had done in the past.

Whatever the case this plot would not be directly addressed to justify attacks on Iran only but to relaunch the image of Israel as "lesser evil" to the public, I understand, particularly Christians. Israel's image in the world has plummeted since the genocidal aggression against Gaza (and others in the West Bank) while perception of Islam has improved somewhat (see this thread). Additionally the USA/NATO may be planning to increase their presence in the area of Bab-el-Mandeb (Yemen now but maybe also Somalia and other countries in the future) and the last plot of the Nigerian man was a total bluff that nobody would swallow.

European governments in general are in a boot-licking attitude towards Israel but the public is not, not at all. Also we really don't know which are their real goals. I perceived 9/11 as an attempt to destroy democracy and free press in the Western World rather than just a pretext for intervention in Afghanistan. If the claim of an attack against the Internet is real, then they may be planning something in that line: severely cutting freedom of speech in the Net, which nowadays may be more influential, even if diffusely, than the traditional media.

You can't rule an empire (autocracy) with free press, even if these are "leaflets" like this blog. You can have a pretense of free press as Napoleon III under iron fist control but you can't manipulate the public in the midst of a brutal economic crisis if people can actually discuss globally in real time like in the town plaza.

So I guess that their aims are: to re-legitimize Israel, to increase fascist-style control of the public, particularly in Europe and maybe in the Internet as a whole, and maybe also some geostrategic military plan for West Asia (Iran? I really can't say).

Anyhow, it sounds to nostalgia for the "legitimacy" of the early Bush era and is probably a misguided step that may fail in its goals. I hope so at least.

Ken said...

It's at the political appointee level that Israel has influence (eg head of the CIA) most of the the professionals working in intelligence don't like that.

Spy Probe Scans Neocons the only one of the 3 charged who was actually convicted of anything was a non Jew Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) career officer Lawrence Franklin who was trying to advance his career by giving the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) agent secret information.

According to Lobe" Pentagon office concerned with the transfer of sensitive military and dual-use technologies has been examining the acquisition, modification and sales of key hi-tech military equipment by Israel obtained from the United States, in some cases with the help of prominent neo-conservatives who were then serving in the government.

Some of that equipment has been sold by Israel – which in the last 20 years has become a top exporter of the world's most sophisticated hi-tech information and weapons technology – or by Israeli middlemen, to Russia, China and other potential U.S. strategic rivals. Some of it has also found its way onto the black market, where terrorist groups – possibly including al-Qaeda – obtained bootlegged copies, according to these sources"

So if a nuke goes of in Europe it will probably be down to Israel in a sense, but not in the direct way Voltare net is suggesting.

As for the internet I agree that there will be efforts to stop criticism of Israel; but there are already lots of laws in Europe that can be used. The judges can interpret anything as inciting racial hatred if they want.

Maju said...

They're not talking of any nukes but of a 9/11 type of massacre, probably against Christians. The aim is obviously to rally them around a "crusader spirit" that would support the neocrusader state that is Israel, as well as whatever NATO interventions has or plans in Muslim areas.

I am not sure it has to be the Pentagon behind it, though surely requires acquiescence. Israel has even killed US troops before and I have little doubt that the Zionist International can act on their own if need be. However the kind of declarations of Pentagon officers do suggest that all the Imperial elites that matter are involved.

Maju said...

What was I saying? Sanctions against Eritrea now! It's clear that the Empire looks to consolidate somehow that strategical route of the Red Sea.

Maju said...

And even more: Chossudovsky analyzing how the USA is trying to establish a base in Socotra.