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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spanish "Chernobyl" fails again

The highly controversial nuclear power plant of
Garoña (NE Burgos province, near Miranda de Ebro) has failed again causing the central to stop. According to Greenpeace, a valve failed, while according to the owners, Nuclenor, the stop was caused by mere "maintenance".

The obsolete plant has been working since 1971 and for long has been subject to popular demand for clausure on serious safety and environmental concerns. Greenpeace denounces that the last extension of its lifetime (was due to close in 2009) was granted on a very strict regime, including the total replacement of the electric wiring and the fixing of the systematic problems of ventilation, that has been systematically unfulfilled by the owners.

The "programmed" stop was announced only the very day it had to stop.

A disaster in this obsolete nuclear central would severely affect large areas of Spain and, notably, the Basque Country, including my hometown of Bilbao.

Source: Gara.

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