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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spanish Inquisition bans EP list

The Spanish political and counter-insurgence tribunal, Audiencia Nacional (Neoinquisition), has banned the list Solidaridad Internacionalista led by writer Alfonso Sastre.

The bulk of the "evidence" seems to be agains Sastre himself, and is totally ideological: he has supported Herri Batasuna in 1987 for the EP, run occasionally with Euskal Herritarrok, asked for support for Basque prisioners and solidarized with earlier victims of the Inquisition. Would these criteria be used on general grounds, and not on arbitrary ones, many other lists and political parties could be baned, like most Basque parties, some Catalan ones, and even the guvernamental PSOE, who has supported pro-Spanish terrorists in the recent past.

Whatever the case, it is clear that what is being judged here are ideas, not any criminal actions of any sort, and that on such merely dieological grounds any attempt of making critical politics institutionally is being just supressed - and not anymore just in the Basque Country.

Source: Gara.
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