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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

European elections: Inquisition strikes again - updated

The new leftist list
Iniciativa Internacionalista-Solidaridad entre los Pueblos (Internationalist Initiative-Solidarity among the Peoples), led by the famous Spanish writer Alfonso Sastre has become the new target of the New Inquisition (Audiencia Nacional) and is being challenged in court for "having links with Batsuna" (major Basque leftist nationalist party, declared illegal some years ago).

The list has the backing of several Andalusian majors and councilors of United Left, who say it is customary in their party to offer formal support to other left-wing lists. Andalusian MP José Manuel Sánchez Gordillo protests that is very dangerous to illegalize ideas, what he considers an anticonstitutional abhorrence.

It seems that these European elections we will again be suffring from the "Spanish democracy" syndrome, an illness characterized by erosion of memory of fascism, extreme permisivity to ugly authoritarian neofascists, neofeudal olygopolistic manipulation of parliamentary seats and Judge Dredd delusions against anything that smells to Basque leftist independentism.

Source: Gara.



The Basque Nationalist Left denies being behind Iniciativa Internacionalista and denounces the witch hunt craze. What began as an attempt to criminalize and displace the Basque Left has now experimented a qualitive jump and extended to any kind of political dissidence anywhere in the state. The show their solidarity with the list and personally with Alfonso Sastre.

Iniciativa Internacionalista itself, represented by Ángeles Maestro, has decried the attempt to ban them as hysteria, panic to have some European MPs who are not gagged and will tell of what is actually happening in Spain. She said that for this state, "ETA's enviroment is larger than the galaxy" and that "there wont be enough prisions for all".

In a parallel developement, the New Inquisition Tribunal (Audiencia Nacional) dropped charges against another list, in this case an Asturian nationalist one, that had avails from Basque councilors of the old antifascist party Basque Patriotic Action (EAE-ANV), which has also been criminalized and declared illegal, no matter it is much older than ETA.

The case is total juridical madness, as you can surely imagine. Just to mention that as "evicence" it has been presented an editorial opinion of Basque newspaper Gara, where this last epysode of the witch hunt is denounced as panic by the regime to a true progressive left-wing may crystalize as real opposition to the post-fascist bipartidism.

"Spanish democracy"? Oxymoron.


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