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Friday, May 22, 2009

Iniciativa Internacionalista "legal" on appeal

After being
declared illegal by the Neoinquisition (Audiencia Nacional), the Spanish left-wing list Iniciativa Internacionalista has been re-legalized by sentence of the Constitutional Court (full sentence in PDF format) and will be able to run at the upcoming European elections.

In press conference, the lawyer of this list, Luis Ocampo, together with two candidates, A. Araque and C. Frabetti (pictured above) demanded the resignation of Interior Minister, A. Rubalcaba, and have announced a demand for damages against him and Justice Minister , F. Caamaño.

In their program it is included the search for a dialogued political and democratic solution to the Spanish-Basque conflict. They denounced that people who have been trying to promote this kind of dialogue are now in prision.

Labor unionist and candidate, A. Araque denounced that while politicians fill their mouths with the insistent rejection of ETA's violence, the systemic violence against workers is completely ignored. We reject the violence that dumps four million citizens into unemployement, that is the violence we clearly reject.

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