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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Even petty thieves are now "terrorists"

Earlier, as I woke from a long nap, I watched
this video at the European public news channel, euronews:

As I watched the men being brutally arrested, still sleeppy, I realized that it was some local police op against petty crime network at my town but... uh?... wait!... this is euronews: we don't get local news in this channel, what the heck!

The information was almost trivial: a small group of immigrants from nearby North Africa arrested for burglary, credit card falsification and drug trafficking.


Why is it sold as an operation against "terrorism"? Why is there a High Inquisitor (Audiencia Nacional judge Eloy Velasco) involved? All you can read is that the police vaguely suspects that maybe these people sent remittances to some alleged "terrorist organization" back at home.


They look like a little local mafia to me and the pretext of "international terrorism" looks like some less famous inquisitor is trying to score some kind of political points by helping some Spanish mafious to get rid of some petty, yet autonomous, competence.

This would be nothing new: since long the big mafias have used the legal system to get rid of less powerful competitors. But this is the first time I know one of those that uses the AN and tries to classify the losing side as "international terrorists". I do not have the feeling, nor the information provides any single factual data that makes it likely that the arrested were anything else than a small criminal gang. So why the "terrorist" speculation? And why has it been hyped that way in the media?

I have the feeling that this is some big mafia boss pulling all the strings at state level to get these people, who may have challenged him, in jail for a very long time.

Probably nothing else but, damn, it sucks that you cannot get any decent contrasted information anywhere.

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