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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gaza charity convicted in Texas

The charity Holy Land Foundation and five of its leaders have been convicted of "financing terrorism" because they openly collected money to send it to Hamas social services in Gaza, where it is much needed.

Shukri Abu-Baker (pictured above) declared after being sentenced to 65 years in prision that it is un-American to ignore suffering and starving women and children.

This Kafkian situation where feedom of speech or humanitarian aid is arbitarily determined to be "terrorism" is becoming way too common up to the point that I understand that we are living in a state of undercover fascism and nothing else.

Sources and more information at Al Jazeera and BBC.



terryt said...

The situation for the Palestinians just got worse. Netanyahu has said he will carry on expanding settlements even though Obama seems to have begged him not to. What will Obama do now? Cut off aid? That would work instantly but he's unlikely to be able to do it. But anyone who can still say with a straight face the Israel wants peace must be totally mad. The only peace Israel wants is to be undisturbed as they expand their racist state to include all the land between the Nile and Euphrates.

Maju said...

No changes in the Zionist position: they just want to grab all but not give Palestinians civil rights. If they can expel them one way or another they will, if they can't they may even try Hitler's methods.

That's why I (and many others) say that the "two states solution" is a scam. There's no such "solution": only a unified state with equal ights for all can be the solution.

What will Obama do now?.

Just blah-blah. Obama has been called "the first Jewish President of the USA" for a reason: he is extremely connected with the Zionist lobby and even his PM is an Israeli himself.

This doesn't mean that he is at ease with the current Zionist leadership and there may be some frictions and riff-raff inside the global Zionist movement, but that changes nothing: Isarel is and will be allowed to commit all crimes impunely. The grip of the Zionist Lobby in the USA in particular and around the world is too powerful for anything to change while Capitalism (what allows some individuals to hold power based on money) stands.