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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tomorrow Kosova will be free

That's what some media claim. If accurate, the Yugoslavian troubles will have passed page on the core issue that caused them: Serbian imperialism, specially against Albanians, but also against anybody else: Croats, Bosniaks, Hungarians...

Almost two deacdes ago, Serbian intervention in Kosova was one of the main triggers of the disintegration of Yugoslavia: fearing the new imperialist Serbian leadership of Milosevic & co., the non-Serbian components of the federation broke apart one after the other, some in more bloody circumstances, others less so. The worst fell upon Bosnia, where roughly 1/3 of the population claimed Serbian ethnicity (i.e. Orthodox religious cultural frame: otherwise it's impossible to take apart a Serbian, a Croat or a Bosniak) and 2/3 of the territory (compromise: what's that?) beginning the bloodiest genocide of Europe since Hitler.

Meanwhile, in Kosova, the situation remained tense under Serbian occupation, all autonomy wiped out and Albanians being discriminated and often killed by paramilitars under the leadership of Arkan. I saw the pics of the bodies myself. In Prishtina, indeed. We had to follow our guide at some distance by the streets so he would not arise suspicions because of being with foreigners.

The Kosovar strategy was then of nonviolent resistence but it seemed like little couldbe done against such aggressive masters. Eventually, in 1998, the Kosova Liberation Army (UÇK) took the lead, maybe in connivence with some Western powers, including the USA, Turkey and others, who erventually intervened to prevent the announced genocide of Albanians and Roma by the Serbian troops several months later, forcing the surrender of Serbia and the capture of Milosevic.

Since then Kosova has been a NATO protectorate (even if formally under the flag of the Uinted Nations). Yet, what was a very welcomed protection in 1999 became eventually an obstacle for Kosovar goal: independence. The situation was stalled with no chance of agreement with Serbia after so many decades of opression and after the whole Yugoslavia had broken apart. It seems that some more pragmatic western powers realized this and are now willing to support Kosovar independence. Nevertheless many others, including Spain, strongly oppose it, fearing it may set an example for their own opressed stateless nations.

In the 70s Krutwig wrote that, after the decolonization of Africa and Asia in the 50s and 60s, it was time for the internal decolonization of Europe itself. He's proven to be right in many cases: all Eastern Eruope has followed such process and many new (yet old) nations have risen their banners along the rest at the UN. Yet Western Europe still remains reluctant to proceed with it: only Northern Ireland seems to have seen a reasonable settlement by the moment.

But it will happen evenetually: the same that countries like Estonia, Slovakia or Armenia have broken free from their former opressors, the same that Kosova is now standing sovereign and equal among European nations, soon the now stateless western nations like the Basque Country, Catalonia, Corsica, Flanders, Scotland, etc. will do the same.

The decolonization of Eastern Europe happened in the midst of a deep crisis, now we are entering a major crisis also in the West. Maybe the time has arrived.

In any case, congratulations Kosova!


Astrolog Tanja said...

UN General Lewis Mackenzie - Kosovo's Independence "Immoral"

The UN (Ret'd) General Lewis Mackenzie said it best, "We bombed the wrong side". This is giving all terrorist organizations a green light to make more problems. Look at Bosnia, tons of Muhajadeen there. Kosovo, al-Qaeda supported network.

That is Serb land, simply put. There is already an Albania.

Serbs fought the Ottoman empire over 600 years ago to keep the land. The US is simply appeasing Muslims and hoping that they will calm in other areas of the world. It won't work.

General Lewis Mackenzie is a man who was there on the ground during the war in Bosnia and Croatia.

A man who commanded the UN troops would know the real truth.

Maju said...

Well, I would not expect less from a NATO general: these people are always in favor of status quo and do not understand about democracy. They are soldiers, simply put: "obey and shut up", that's what they understand.

There are no "muhajadeen" in Bosnia that are not here or anywhere else. Also I could not care less: they will die out as soon as Saudi Arabia stops financing them (or as soon as somebody bombs Saudi Arabia). Islamo-fascists are basically a cover to support Israel and keep the peoples of Muslim faith with the had down and as illiterate as possible, so they don't become atheist like us and quit obeying in the name of "god".

Most "muhajadeen" kidnapped in Bosnia and sent to Guantanamo concentration camp are very likely inocent people: mere scapegoats. Useful fools exchanged for weapons and other diplomatic favors.

Serb land is only the land tha Serbs inhabit in majoritary form, obviously. That doesn't mean I justify genocide to achieve demografic majorities, like in Bosnia - in fact I don't. That's why I think that that criminal entity called "Republic of the Many Impronuntiable Consonants" (Srpska or something) should not exist: because it's hindering the return to normality in Bosnia, to the time when all Serbo-Croats lived together and were happily agnostic.

And that's why I would support the separation of northern Vojvodina if the people there (mostly Hungarians) want it.

I am for democracy and democracy is nothing but the rule of the people. Any other for of goverment, including being ruled by a foreign democracy, is tyranny.

"There is already an Albania". So? There is also a Rumania: should Moldva join it? There is also a Germany, does that mean that switxerland should vanish? There is already a Saudi Arabia, so why Egypt or Kuwait? There is already a Britain so why the USA? Meaningless weep.

In fact, in the case of Kosova, it is a deference to minority Serbs and international balance.

Serbs fought Ottomans and Albanians did too. But eventually both surrenedered. Some Serbs became Muslims (now known as Bosniaks, for some strange reason) and some Albanians did too. Unlike Serbocroats, Albanians don't make differences among them on grounds of religion and anyhow most are healthily agnostic.

Albanian nationalism began in Kosova... but Serbia invaded it (after many centuries of being a Turkish province or paying tribute to the Sultan). Serbia achieved its freedom thanks to rebellion and foreign intervention. And the same has now happened with Kosova. In fact you two have lots of things in common, believe me. In 10 years you could easily get over it.

I must say that I think there's no reason at all for Croats, Bosniak and Serbs to be thought of as different nations: they speak one single language, they are a single nation. But of course, there's also the will of the people. That's what makes Switzerland and Netherlands distinct from Germany for instance.

Democracy for all. Self-determination for all.

Astrolog Tanja said...

Imagine if London was infiltrated by foreigners over the last century to the point where they the foreigners accounted for 90 per cent of the population, and the City of London declared independence from the United Kingdom.

Freedom and democracy in this case?

In the case of Kosovo, Serbs suffered ethnic cleansing. That is why the Serbs are in minority in Kosovo.

The things are always simple:

USA politics is “Divide et Impera” Europe.
Europe is not powerful to say no to USA.
USA has economic and military interest in Kosovo, and yes, afraid of Islam.
America has lost the war in Iraq, and afraid of Iran, Russia and China.
America because of its politics has whole world as enemies.
USA politics (not Americans!) = Global Nazi in 21st century.
I’m sure we don’t want history to be repeated.

I don’t hate Americans, I don’t hate Islam, just don’t take my land!!

Maju said...

As far as I know, Kosova has always been Albanian, at least in modern history. Serbia (or Rascia) controlled the territory at some time in the Middle Ages but that's all. When Serbia recaptured it in 1913 it was already largely Albanian.

Checking in Wikipedia, Kosova was part of Serbia only for two or three centuries. It also mentions "Albanian highlanders" as the somewhat unruly inahbitants of the country under Ottoman rule. And that Albanian culture was quite developed then under Catholic leadership.

It also seems that Albanian nationalism begun there precisely because of Serbian attempts to annex the country through deals with the Ottomans.

Also remember that Serbians were also "infiltrated foreigners" when they expanded from Ukraine (apparently the Slavic heartland) in the 8th century.

Things are relative. You cannot claim a territory because for a few decades or centuries you owned it many centuries ago. You can claim it democratically if you actually live in it. Or you can claim it "manu militari" if you are able to occupy it by force. I would never sanction the latter practice.

I also have nothing against Serbians. In fact I enjoyed and learned a lot in my stance in Beograd in the early 90s.

When are you going to finish your article on lottery winners and astrology? I hope to learn something useful from it. :)

Astrolog Tanja said...

Strongly disagree Maju.

Kosovo was settled by Slav tribes between the 7th and 10th centuries.

The cultural and demographic strength of the Serbs is best illustrated by the presence of 1.500 monuments of Serbian culture identified so far.

Until the 18th century, there are no Sqipetars (now called Albanians) in Kosovo and Metohia in bigger agglomerations.

Actually, they began settling in this region in greater numbers only in the 18th and 19th century from today’s northern Albania.

Falsifying the history on one hand, Kosovo Albanians continue with systematic eradication of Serb cultural and religious monuments on the other.

Having this in mind it is hardly possible not bo see that this campaign is in many ways organized and intended to change the identity of one entire area in order to present it as purely Albanian.

Parallely Albanian historians with their "expansive" Illyrian theories already draw new maps of Greater Albania around the Balkans, recreating their new history stealing bits and peaces from the histories of neighboring peoples.

From their books one can learn now that not only Aristotle and Alexander the Great were in fact proto-Albanians, but that Serb Orthodox monasteries in churches were built by Albanian tribes and clans!??.

If you want to know more, read about essence of Serbian spiritual, cultural identity on my blog:

About my astrology blog I have lot of articles but no time to post it.
What about your astrology articles? There must be that you have lot of interesting researchings also ;-)

Maju said...

On Astrology, I have written quite a bit in "my" (now quite iddle) forum (link in sidebar). I have also discussed in other spaces, like Astrofaces' mailing list ( for the main site and But guess it's not what I am most interested in right now. I see astrology working but I find this very fact quite sad - as it takes away from our freedom and equal opportunity. En fin.

On Kosova. You claim that the province was 100% Serbian at some time but that's not easy to prove. We don't know the exact origin of Albanians (Illyrian, Dacian, Caucasian or whatever) but they were there (in Albania at least) in the 15th century for sure.

It seems true that the population of Kosova at the time of the Ottoman conquest (1455) was majoritarily Serbian. But it is clear that by the 20th century when Serbia recaptured it after almost five centuries in Ottoman hands, it was overwhelmingly Albanian already.

Things change. Let's oversee the history of Kosovo:

- Until c. 59 BCE: Illyrian/Thracian
- 59 BCE - 850 CE (9 centuries): Roman/Byzantine
- 850 - 1014 (some 165 years): Bulgarian
- 1014 - 1455 (short of 5 centuries): Serbian
- 1455 - 1912 (short of 5 centuries): Turkish
- 1912 - 41: Serbian/Yugoslavian
- 1941 - 45: mostly Albanian (Italian prot.)
- 1945 - 89: Serbian/Yugoslavian but autonomous. The autonomy was finished manu militari by Serbia.
- 1989 - 98: Arkan's reign of terror (Serbian occupation, democratic government in nonviolent resistence).
- 1998 - 99: Kosovo War
- 1999 - 2008: International protectorate.
- since 2008: Independent republic.

So Serbia had it for exactly as long as the Ottomans and for half the time of Romans. Following your romantic historicist logic, shouldn't it be a Roman (i.e. Italian) province?

In my case, I really don't care so much about history when it comes to democratically decide he fate of a people. For me it's a matter of democracy: and by now it's clear that Kosova want independence and, would they accept any dependence, it would be anybody's but Serbia.

Now, let's forget about Kosovo, as they are already sovereign and happy, and let's worry about the rest: Kurdistan, Darfur, basque Contry, Cehchnya, Kabylia, Palestine and the so large etcetera.

Maju said...

PS- Actually Albanians are first mentioned (apart of the Illyrian tribe of the Albanoi) in 1081, after the Byzantines reconquered the southern Balcans from Bulgaria.

Astrolog Tanja said...

I dont want to spend the rest of my life...

Talking about Sqipetars. They are falsifying the history.

But guess what, let's return in Jesus time and Jews who allowed JESUS CRUCIFIXION.

And, during the time "suddenly & accidentally" happened WW2 & Hitler, who killed THE MAJORITY OF JEWS.

Any conclusion?

We (astrologers, religious people etc.) should observe the historical facts from the higher plan and to be aware that there are "invisible" Cosmic laws, and one of them is: The Law of Cause and Effect.

Time will show,if we don't have eyes now to see the truth.

Maju said...

Ehm... I am not Christian, rather Pantheist if anything - naturally agnostic and skeptical, anyhow, as you can expect of someone with so many planets in Virgo, including Jupiter.

Anyhow: I don't have any particular respect for Jesus: some things he said are ok (like writing off the horrible ten commandments and replacing them for something that sounds like "love and respect") and other things make little sense. In any case the Christian churches are not something I can swallow and I would rather have prefered that the Roman Empire stayed Pagan or became Isian if anything.

Christianism and Judaism are the same thing: Christians are Jews, maybe not by blood but they are by belief. I have nothing against Jews but I don't like Judaism, Christianity nor Islam. Too many false "truths", too much alleged "word of God" and all that unbelievable junk.

Churches are just machines of mind control. If there is something divine it speaks through Nature, through facts and not through words.

"In the beginning was the Word"... and they kept babbling for centuries and fighting on which of their versions is the real one. C'mon!

In the beginning was the fact. Or maybe the action. But the word? The word always comes after...

For me the only reason why Hitler killed the Jews (majority??) was because he thought like a nationalist-imperialist, like many Serbians think of Albanians and Bosniaks.

But Hitler himself was possibly half-jew. He had no known father and there is a good chance that he was her mother's employer: an affluent Austrian Jew.

But as I said, I don't care much about Jews, though I care about Zionists, who are doing to Palestinians exactly what the Nazis made to them.

Also I think it's hypocritical of Christians (Roman gentiles) to blame Jews for Jesus' death. Didn't Pilate sign that sentence? Do not Christians celebrate his death morbidly every year, instead of celebrating the rebirth of Spring? Wasn't Jesus and all early Christians anything but Jews? I think it's time to let Jesus rest in peace.

And we are getting off topic, anyhow.

Astrolog Tanja said...

I am getting off topic always, because I prefer to watch the things from a different perspective, concerning the fact – everything is connected. Not a single thing in this universe not standing alone…

Your common sense debate is welcome, your planets in Virgo.

“Anyhow: I don't have any particular respect for Jesus: some things he said are ok (like writing off the horrible ten commandments and replacing them for something that sounds like "love and respect") and other things make little sense.”

1. To understand Jesus (or even anybody else), you need to have the same experience
Ha, with my Sun in 8th house, I like to give example of the child, who can not talk about orgasm simply because child has no experience (if).

Or, how can you somebody explain what is sugar, if he have never tasted it. What would you say – it’s not salt, not acid, not…, but he can not understand what sugar is until he taste it.

Understanding is experience or real knowledge is experience.

2. Well, I didn’t talk about Christian or any churches, only about Jesus.
There is difference between the Prophets, Saints… and the followers.

"In the beginning was the Word"... and they kept babbling for centuries and fighting on which of their versions is the real one. C'mon!
In the beginning was the fact. Or maybe the action. But the word? The word always comes after... “

3. Well, the mystics and prophets are talking about mystic sound (word) Indian - Om, Aum, Christian - Amennn, Islam - Alahuu-mmm, and that is the truth for you only if you experience this sound.

“Churches are just machines of mind control.”

4. Possibly maybe, but not necessary, churches are also transmitters of ancient and eternal knowledge if you can read the truth, hidden in rituals…

“For me the only reason why Hitler killed the Jews (majority??) was because he thought like a nationalist-imperialist, like many Serbians think of Albanians and Bosniaks.“

5. I agree, but there is also hidden law: The Law of Cause and Effect.
Jesus died and consequently the majority of Jews had to die in WW2.

“Also I think it's hypocritical of Christians (Roman gentiles) to blame Jews for Jesus' death. Didn't Pilate sign that sentence?”

6. Pilate signed, but he didn’t know anything about Jews religion, he respected different Gods, and he was just marionette in the hands of Rome and Jews politics.

7. Jesus is above any nationality. The same as Buddha, the same as Mohamed, the same as Zaratrustra, the same as all Prophets and Saints. They are One.