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Monday, February 25, 2008

Gazans demand peacefully the end of the blockade

Thousands of Palestinians have created today a human chain of 40 km to demand the end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza. The human chain linked the two extremes of Gaza: Rafah in the border with Egypt and Erez at the Israeli self-attributed border. The organizers estimated in 40,000 the people taking part.

At Ben Hanun, many people tried to head towards the miliatry border at Erez but were dissuaded by troops of Hamas. There were fears (or rather hopes) that the mobilization could end with masses of people flooding the borderline, as happened in Rafah just a few weeks ago ut both the organizators as Hamas declared they would makes ure it would not happen.

But why not?, I wonder. After all the Israeli checkpoint is even more of an artificial border than that of Rafah: it is the fence of the biggest concentration camp of modern history. You may not know but most people living in Gaza are original from what is now Israel and actually the overcrowded Gaza strip holds the majority of Palestinian refugees in the World.

But the concerns of the people are more immediate: they need food, clothes, fuel, medicines.., they need to survive. And the blockade by Israel, that also controls Gaza's territorial waters and keeps a strict (unilateral and illegal) blockade also in the sea, has just sunk the frail economy of the territory.

When will the Zionist colonists pack their stuff and go back to where they came from?

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