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Saturday, February 16, 2008

More fanatic attempts to censor

Now's he Iranian government: on one hand they want the Danish government to apologize for caricatures of Muhammad, on the other they want the Netherlands to censor a controversial film on the Quran. These people have not yet understood that nothing is more sacred than freedom, that, in fact, freedom can only exist where nothing is too "holy" to be mocked or criticised.

Said that, I must mention (as I haven't blogged on it yet) that I am also against the existence of Israel, the last European (or Euro-Gringo) colony ever. It's an abuse in its very essence. It should have never been created and its destiny is to dissapear like the crusaders states did before it - though it may take some time.

And I must also say that I am aware that some of these agitations (in both sides) are intentional provocations. But what is clear is that neither Muhammed nor the Quran (nor anything else) are exempt from criticism or satyre.

Want to be holy? Become a hermit.

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