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Friday, February 29, 2008

Israel threatens Gaza with "Holocaust"

BBC: Israel warns of Gaza "greater holocaust".

The term immediately struck me as a clear warn of mass murder or democide. The term "Holocaust", as the article mentions, is never used in Zionist speech outside references to the historical events of the Nazi era.

Sadly enought the parallel unfolds: the largest concentration camp in the World, where 85% of the population are people displaced from what is now Israel is being bombed and massacred, and now explictly threatened with Nazi-style genocide, by those who claim to have the right to do it preisely because they suffered at the hands of Hitler and his gang of psychopaths.

Is that some sort of mass Stockholm syndrome? Or is it just blatant hypocrisy?

In any case, I fear for the people in Gaza: supported beyond any reasonable limit by the the USA and its allies, Israel feels justified to do anything they want. Nobody, it seems, will dare to defend Palestinians from the Zio-Nazis.

It's really scary.

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