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Saturday, February 9, 2008


Zero. Beginning. Again blogging. What will I deal with. In previous attempts (I always end losing access somehow) I have dealt with prehistory, genetics, Basque socio-politics and varied issues of my interest. What now?

I am still very interested in prehistory and archaeogenetics. But I don't think I will be really able to avoid current affairs either. Right now what concerns me most is why we smokers have to be the fools to pay brutal taxes for the rest. I'll write something on that too.

By the way, Leherensuge is Xaho's version of the mythical Herensuge, the Basque name for the Dragon, meaning third or last serpent. Leherensuge would mean first and last serpent and for Xaho it was no different of Sugaar/Maju, the male aspect of God.


jhangora_ki_baal said...

I thought this post would be about the actual "Zero".I love lots of zeros on banknotes.

Hey the net is temporary,I think some of the material which u write makes sense so it's good to have a hard copy,so write on paper first and then transfer it to the net.Ofcourse I know ur IQ is in top 5% so u may be following the procedure right now.

Maju said...

Everything has caducity date, man: electronic or paper. The only important thing is if it really provokes the mind, sparks socio-psychological change, in which case it may be as pseudo-eternal as humankind.

Btw, I'm going to write you a cheque for 0.00000000000000000000000000000001 rupees so you start hating zeros, please.

jhangora_ki_baal said...

What would that cheque be for?Thanx a lot anyway it's a big sum coming from a miser like you :)Do you want my mailing address?

I noticed the link for ur homepage does not work and I got another link for Palnet X topic on the Astro Forum.

So do u think the concept of 0 and the decimal number system originated in India.

Maju said...

The "my site" link works perfectly for me.

And, yes, possibly the zero concept in Eurasia is Indian (South Asian), as are the so-called "Arabic numbers". Native Americans (Mayas and so on) also had a mathematical concept of zero anyhow, that most likely was discovered independently, anyhow.