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Saturday, April 3, 2010

How to Do Fieldwork on Proto-Indo-European

I'm sorry I'm not writing so often these days. Guess I'm too busy replying emails since I posted my address at the side column... ahem. A lot of people telling me what I should think and all that.

Remember that there's an open comment section here at Leherensuge and that you can share your thoughts not just with me but with "the Universe" at them. Who knows?, maybe the little green men are also addict to this blog...

Anyhow, one of those emails reminded me of that genial linguistic magazine: the Speculative Grammarian, which I had not read in years. It's still as good as ever (for an intellectual good laugh). For example, I stumbled right away with this article:

How to Do Fieldwork on Proto-Indo-European

Tim Pulju
Dartmouth College

Step one: find a native speaker.

That's it. No need to synthesize. Now, you damn lazy linguist, go find one of those!

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