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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Does piracy really harm musicians?

According to
Ciudad Futura the answer is in this graph, showing where the benefits of the average music record goes to:

For those who can't read Spanish, the translation is:
  • Compañía discográfica: music company
  • Procutor: producer
  • Manager: manager
  • Estudio de grabación: recording studio
  • Anterior discográfica: previous music company
  • Representantes: representatives
  • Abogados: attorneys
  • Músico/artista: musician/artist
So draconian anti-piracy laws are hardly justified in the name of the artists' profits. It's really more a matter of vampires'... I mean: corporations' profits. Nothing else.

Hence my fatwa is piracy is good, at least in most cases.

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Ken said...

Interesting comment by Neil Young that illegal downloading is the new radio.

There's also a third way at