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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blog shut and author sentenced for exposing Zionists

Italian blogger Paolo Munzi saw his blog shut down by the authorities and brought to trial, where he was sentenced to 6 months of prison for "defamation" but acquitted from having violated privacy laws and inciting racial hatred, for publishing a list of 160 Italian professors deemed to belong to the Zionist Lobby.

One wonders if it was proven in court that those people did not belong to the Lobby or if he was just sentenced without performing such crucial proof.

I suspect the latter: that he was presumed guilty because he attacked the Zionists. Therefore I must declare my solidarity with the censored blogger and decry again the attempts of censorship on denouncing such a Nazi network as is the Zionist mafia.

Sources: EAAZI, The Truth will set you Free, JTA.

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joe90 kane said...

The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign won a recent court case - or rather, the criminal charges against five of their members of "racially aggravated conduct" were thrown out of court.

The Scottish PSC five had interrupted and protested at a concert being given by the Jerusalem String Quartet at the Edinburgh International Festival in August 2008. See -
Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
On the homepage, ee all the articles under the heading,

Also see -
Tony Greenstein's Blog

TG and fellow Palestine solidarity supporters, representing two organisations, also interrupted a concert being given by the Jerusalem String Quartet in London recently, which was also being broadcast live by BBC Radio 3.

all the best