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Monday, March 9, 2009

What comes now, once democracy has been abolished

When democracy is nothing but a farce anymore, at least here in the Basque Country, when political factions that barely gather 25% of popular support hold the majority of parlamentary seats and get ready to estabilish a new fascist goverment, we can already see what the future offers.

A few days ago the social center of Vitoria-Gasteiz Zaramazulo was clausurated and searched by Spanish military police with unknown pretexts. The building has been serving as social center for the last 25 years for the neighbourhood of Zaramaga, hosting all kind of activities: theater, music, dance, popular academies, the unemployed workers' assembly, a distibutor of books and records, an altenative magazine, antimilitarist groups, a pro-cannabis platform and the ecologist grpup against the High Speed Train, all were hosted there.

Overnight the Guardia Civil, that in spite of its name is purely military in nature, has take over the place and clausurated it.

I imagine this is only the prelude, the entrance of many more bitter dishes that will come in this increasingly undemocratic period in the Western Basque Country.

The ghost of Franco laughs but we feel no fear, just rage... and rage is what feeds hope, because it feeds the struggle for a better world.

Source for the central info: Eutsi - antiauthoritarian left's page.

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