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Monday, March 2, 2009

Undemocratic "elections" in the Western Basque Country

The total banishmen of one the major political forces in the Basque Country (general described as Basque Nationalist Left, that has been between 2nd and 4th force along the years when they actually could run) has left the Western Basque Country deprived of options in the farce represented today, leaving to a mutilated, not representative, autonomous parliament, for the first time ever dominated by the Spanish Nationalists, even if they have only some 25% of the potential votes.

This farce of democracy, denounced even by the United Nations, has been met with many protests, as the images show:

"It's enough! Democracy now!!!" - "This is not democracy"

"This is not democracy"

R. Rato, former IMF Director, also had to put up with protesters

"We will keep applying life sentences" - "Zero democracy"

Source: Gara.

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