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Monday, August 4, 2008

Israel blackmails ill Palestinians

Another horror story from the last Apartheid: Israeli secret services are conditioning the, always exceptional, medical care to Gazans who agree to become an informant.
Read full article in BBC.

Israel, with the connivence of Egypt, is keeping a deadly blockade against the Gaza strip denying them everything and using convenient exceptions to blackmail individuals and the whole society. this is just another outraging case of the systematic abuses of the Zionist colony against the natives, abuses that incredibly don't seem to arise the outrage they should, much less to trigger the obvious UN sanctions that such a systematic violator of international law should be punished with.

Instead they are allowed exceptionally to play in European competitions of all sorts, they have economic agreements with EU and the USA and get immense subsidies without which they would not survive. Why is Israel such a privileged fascist regime? Why does it not get the medicine that so easily has been provided for so many others on much more feeble grounds?

The answer is far from obvious. South Africa was also a western colony but was ostracized, at least symbolically. For Israel there is nothing of the sort: only blessings.


DocG said...

Hi maju. I'm Jewish, but I have to agree with you. Israel has become an embarrassment, if not an abomination, to all people everywhere with a sense of justice and the true meaning of democracy -- and that includes a great many of my fellow Jews as well. It's also a great source of pain and dissilusionment for me that the leaders of my country, the United States, lack the leadership and the will to stand against policies that smack so strongly of both racism and aparthied.

While Israel has not (yet) descended to the depths of Nazi depravity, this "restraint" is no excuse for policies that should remind every Jew of the events that inspired the eloquent phrase: "NEVER AGAIN."

Maju said...

IMO, the very whole thing about the Zionist project was nigh-on impossible and criminal since the beginning. There was people living there and the plan (maybe not explictly stated but implicit anyhow) was basically to drive them out. It is a 19th century, maybe early 20th century kind of colonialist project... but realized in the late 20th century when the issues of colonialism, human rights, etc. became central. It is obslete since almost the beginning and would never have been approved by the UN only 12 years after its inception.

I have nothing against Jews as such. In fact some of my (and pretty universal) icons are Jews but the existence of a Jewish state in Palestinian lands is just not viable. It depends on foreign money and foreign protection, it has no roots other than mythology and it is, as you well say, a shame.

We are upset with Sudan, with Burma, Chinese occupation of Tibet... just to mention the most well known cases of genocidal regimes. But we bless Israel "right" to do anything regardless of law and ethic principles.

For me the only (and difficult) way out is a unified multiethnic Palestine under some sort of temporal UN protection. Palestine (historically speaking) is not that big anyhow. But that won't be in the agenda while Israel has all the advantages and the Palestinians are treated as scum internationally, even by their "fellow" Arab neighbours.

I am really glad to hear a Jewish voice of common sense anyhow. I know yours is not the only one (read my posts on B'Tselem for instance) but they are quite rare.

terryt said...

I think more and more people of Jewish background (although not necessarily practising Jews) are speaking out. However there seems to be some sort of 'conspiracy' to not publish their views or cover protests they organise.

I wrote on another blog just yesterday that I believe the best solution is a combined state with Jerusalem as an international capital, if only for the three religions for which it is important. This idea is very close to your "unified multiethnic Palestine". The UN may need to be in control for a time but I can see many difficulties in getting the members of the UN to agree on what sort of role they would have.

Maju said...

I don't think a federal state will work because Palestinians have very good claims to what is internatonally ecognized as Israel: they were expelled en masse, their properties stolen and their villages razed to the ground. Most of the nearly 1 million people living in Gaza strip are refugees from Israel, same for those in Lebanon and many in the West Bank. They have the right of return, as per all international conventions of all sorts and that would basically make what is now Israel not anymore mainly Jewish.

But well, it'd be largely a return to the 1948 situation, when a Jewish majority existed only in the Haifa district (Tel Aviv).

Also I don't think religions should play any role, except as constitutional safeguards. Jerusalem should be the capital but leave the popes and mullahs of the world out of its institutions, please.

I think more and more people of Jewish background (although not necessarily practising Jews) are speaking out. However there seems to be some sort of 'conspiracy' to not publish their views or cover protests they organise.

That is very possible. It's not like for being Jewish you're going toget automated publicity. But if you are pro-Israeli, then you probably will.

I think this situation is not good for Jews because it always looks like Jew=Zionist, what is often the case but not necesarily. This has been giving bad reputation to Jews around the world but specially in Muslim countries where Zionism is the enacarnation of the Devil. People get mixed Israel Lobby with "Jewish Lobby". That's not good.

Unknown said...

Calling the inhabitants 'natives' and Israel a Zionist colony shows your bias. Before the return of Israel there were only a handful of nomadic people in that area, it was never developed to the extend Israel has developed it. The small amount of locals greatly benefited from the new developments, there was business to be done, jobs were created for them and a good income. This caused many from the Middle East to migrate to this area. A poll on descent of the inhabitants has shown that many came from other areas like Jordan, with their parents, or were born of parents that came from these regions as migrants, as things were economically going well in those days. After the war (WW2) UN promised Israel to the Jews. A land the size of a postage stamp in a football field, if you compare all of the Middle East with Israel. There is much more behind what is seen than we think. Hatred and anti Zionist prejudice is fed to the Palestinian children in their homes, at school, in their textbooks and in their communities. How can we expect peace if this keeps up? All they want to do is hype up media and get the world behind them in hating and eliminating the Jew. Thank you Mr Arafat. Same old story isn't it? Are we any better than Hitler, did you talk about the right to express who you are? They are still Gods people. Like it or not. First of all they have an obligation to God for their actions. I pray that they'll do so. They still are a blessing to those that bless them. They have the most advanced medical system, some of the best surgeons and scientists. Look at the situation through objective eyes and behind the physical appearances.