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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Israel to demolish Palestinian village in West Bank.

The West Bank is divided by the Oslo agreements in three areas: A, B and C. A+B zones make up the Bantustan: a fragmented territory of cities and villages under Palestinian civil administration; zone C is totally under Israeli control, and it includes most of the West Bank (and, of course, all Zionist colonies) .

Reference maps from PASSIA:
- West Bank per the Oslo agreement, 1995 (first outline of the Palestinian bantustan)
- West Bank and Gaza status at 2000 (slightly expanded bantustan)
- Rejected "final status" Zionist proposal at Camp David 2000 (still most of the West Bank would remain Israeli, the Bantustan would remain discontinuous)

Right now, among many other quoitidiain abuses of the Zionist Apartheid regime, the colonialist forces are going to demolish an entire Palestinian village in zone C, Al 'Aqabah, dating from the British mandate period, pretxting lack of planning documents. Meanwhile Zionist colonies grow impunely and the attacks to Palestinians by settlers' dead squads have increased scaringly.

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