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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

US terrorism

Just read at BBC (
link 1, link 2) that a woman has spent five years in a secret US prision, apparently in Afghanistan. She has been accused in the past of links to Al Qaeda but none of those accusations stand now when she's going to face trial. After being kidnapped for five years by US forces, and probably tortured, she has been brought to trial in the USA accused only of assault while in custody.

Aafia Sidiqui could face 20 years if convicted. Nobody is going to judge the people who kidnapped her: neither the US soldiers, nor the US president who approved all those terrorist operations, nor the Pakistani or Afghan collaborators.

Where is democracy and human rights? Where is justice? We are falling through a deep dark pit of lack of ethics that can only end with the collapse of our civilization. Who sows terror, harvests horror.

How are we going to get out of this hole of shit? I have no trust in US or European leadership but neither in the leadership of other great powers. You look around and you see only a handful of Latin American leaders (and the movements behind them) with some common sense. That's all.

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