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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Solar energy will soon be the cheapest

A new and most important finding by MIT researchers allows to store solar energy in a way very similar to how plants do. The newly developed energy storage system, uses solar energy to decompose common water into oxygen and hydrogen, with this one resulting available to be used as clean combustible when sunlight is not available.

The invention is a new catalyst made up of cobalt and phosphate and powered by an electrode (that would be solar fed) combined with another catalyst made of platinum. The resulting device is cheap and clean and therefore is basically bound to overcome all conservative resistences to green tech.

The prototype

This giant leap (in the words of photosynthesis expert J. Barber) adds up to another recent major developement in solar energy, also achieved by MIT researchers, that allows solar power generation to be ten times more effective. The combination of these new revolutionary technologies (plus whatever that may still come) will almost unavoidably make solar energy the dominant power source in the next decade or so.

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