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Friday, July 11, 2008

Radioactive leak at Rhône central

It's at least the third nuclear emergency in the EU in the last months, not to montion the radioactive waste dumped at Naples, sent to Germany as common trash and turned back at the border. In a time when nukes are promoted again as an alternative to generate energy, we are also witnessing once and again the major problems caused by the previous wave of nuclear energy construction: old centrals whose life is extended once and again beyond their schedule, leaks, corrupt managers and authorities that prefer to risk the life and health of citizens before assuming their responsability or risking their business, growing piles of extremely dangerous nuclear trash that has nowhere to go, etc.

Now the leak has affected the rivers at the mid-Rhône basin, near Avignon. The central has been stopped but the leak is not yet under control. People has been asked not to drink tap water nor eat fish captured locally. The company, ASN, has been denounced because of delaying the alert. (More details at BBC).

The other two cases I can recall happened in Slovenia and Catalonia. The slovenian alert was said to be almost routine, implying no dangers, but the one in Spain was hidden from the people for months - and it's still unclear which were (or still are) the dangers.

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