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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Freed Basque mayor: 'anything is ok against us'

The mayor of Arrasate (Mondragón) , Ino Galparsoro, was set free on bail two days ago after being arrested on unclear political charges some months ago. She was masively welcomed back in her hometown and has vowed to continue with her work.

We went to the 'Audiencia' [Audiencia Nacional, Spanish special tribunal] not knowing what was going on; in fact my name was not even in the instruction. It is clear that anything is ok against us and that attacking elected politicians was a path they were exploring. We arrived at 10:00 and the police report did not arrive until 11:00. In it they accused me of a couple of things: taking part in press conferences and proposing a bill in the name of Basque Nationalist Action [EAE-ANV, historical Basque left-wing nationalist party]. There was nothing else: that is why they jailed me.

Left-wing Nationalist elects, at a press conference, denounced that Galparsoro has been kidnapped by the state just because of being mayor and belonging to the Nationalist Left. They denounced that it is another example of the state of exception that the Basque people is subject to, that it was not a judicial decision but a political one taken by the Spanish government. They denounced the Spanish nationalist parties PSOE, PP and UPN as the direct responsible ones but also denounced the complicity of the so-called moderate Basque nationalist formations like PNV and Nafarroa Bai. They insisted in the nee to alow the Basque people to decide its own future.

Source: Gara

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