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Monday, July 21, 2008

More tremors at controversial Basque dam

The Itoitz platform has denounced that since July 15, 11 new tremors have happened in the area, one of them reaching the 2.2 degrees in the Richter's scale (according to Strassburg University). Since the reservoir was filled 2234 tremors have happened at or near the site.

Itoitz dam is built not on solid rock but on consolidated clay, what for some means that sooner or later the hills that surround it are bound to collapse and slide into the reservoir, causing a massive surge that may reach as far downstream as Zaragoza. The Navarrese and Spanish authorities have dismissed the claims once and again but the continuous tremors seem to announce the worst.

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Solidari@s con Itoitz (Solidaries with Itotz) blog (Spanish and Basque).

S.O.S Itoitz (Spanish and Basque): map of the tremors, with a clear concentration at the site of the dam.

Poster calling for a national demo.
It reads: "We are still alive and in time. Empty Itoitz!! Do not exapnd Esa!!" (Yesa, another reservoir).

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