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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kabylia demands autonomy

Kabylia is maybe the more self-conscious
Berber region of Algeria and one that has suffered much, specially since Algerian independence, though its historical autonomy was supressed initially by the French. Now the Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia (MAK) is officially calling for autonomy taking the opportunity of a period of relative calm.

The text of the declaration is too long to transcribe here but you can read it either at North of Africa or at Kabylia Info. It is an interesting read as it makes in relatively few lines a good abstract of the long troubled history of this country.

I really hope they get their political and cultural autonomy as soon as possible. It is time of decolonization in Western Europe as in North Africa. Berbers, as Basques, have been around since Prehistory but the cultural and political imperialism of other nations have put both on the verge of survival. It's time to change that. It is time for the rights of the native peoples of the Old World to be finally respected.

Kabyle-speaking area


Yann Klimentidis said...

This is where Zinedine Zidane's family is from.

Maju said...

Sure, I know. There's an article about him in NOA ( where he describes himself as "a Kabyle from La Castellane" (his Marseilles' natal neighbourhood). He's probably the most famous Kabyle of modern times anyhow.

Maju said...

Oops! Kabylia Info, not NOA. I think the article is also in NOA anyhow.