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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Homosexual brains "inverted". How are bisexual ones?

Or so says a Swedish study published in PNAS and by now
widely mentioned throughout the press. No surprise here, at least for some cases: it had already been reported in gay rams, for instance.

My question is: what happens to all that wide sector of bisexual and ambiguous tendencies? How are their brains? Intermediate? Have it all? They certainly have not been scanned here: only homo and hetero.

Update: Razib comments on another (also Swedish) study, this one on twins, that notices that the impact of genetic factors is higher in gay men (34-39%) than in lesbians (18-19%). The why of the other study was placed mostly in the womb (epigenetics) instead.

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Anonymous said...

According to John Manning in the Finger Book the right side testicle is usually bigger. The left side breast is usually bigger in women. A hemaphrodite usually has male side on right female side on left. Also in a very large sample in the hundreds homosexuality is slightly more common in left handed (this is disputed). So it is not very surprising that hetrosexual brains are bigger on right side. From what I have read totally gay men ie life-long exclusively homosexual who have never been attracted to women are not in the majority among gay men, so the homosexual men would include many who have experienced hetrosexual desire and could be said to be bisexual. True 50/50 bisexuals are said to be rare those who claim to be bisexual usually turn out to be overwhelmingly homosexual in their behaviour, (according to Manning anyhow), so I would expect the left of the brain to be bigger in those claiming to be bisexual.