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Sunday, June 15, 2008

EU brings Europe back to 1870

The EU agreement to allow up to 65 work hours pushes back Europe to the dark ages of the 19th century. The 48 hours week was an achievement of the Working Class struggle in the early 20th century, later it was pushed down to 40 hours with the incorporation of the "English weekend" of two days, recently in France and some German states it was reduced to 35 hours. In fact none of these limits are really enforced strictly, extra hours are way too common, but at least provide some legal protection for the people.

Now the EU has agreed to allow up to 65 hours per week, what is an average of 10 hours and 20 minutes per day from monday to saturday, or 13 hours per day from monday to friday.

Are you surprised that Europeans are increasingly against this EU?

Poster demanding the 35 hours limit in the Basque Country:
"Nobody is in excess. Unemployement can be solved".

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