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Friday, May 8, 2009

"Antisemitism" (cartoon)

An image again worth more than 1000 words, especially if those words begin with "anti-" and end with "-semitism":

Taken from DesertPeace. Toon by Carlos Latuff (copyleft).

Also here there is an interesting list by Joachim Martillo of the absolutely disproportionate of (Zionist) Jews in the US high economic circles. How can a minority that is 2% of the population hold like 60% of all key economic posts? He argues for nationalization, what seems much more logical than giving taxpayers' money to a bunch of corrupt bankers who are not just economically but also morally bankrupt.


Kepler said...

I have the impression you are being anti-Jew and saying you are actually anti-Zionist (as you understand Zionism).
One thing is to be critical of the Israeli government and its attitude towards settlements and other issues and another your attitude.

Those people you call Zionist happen to have an above-average education
and they almost always had, even when in the most abject poverty.
That is the reason also why so many Russian and German intellectuals were Jews. About a third of all Nobel prizes are won by Jews. Your Marx and Chomsky are also Jews.
What you are proposing is not making you any bit better than Lieberman.
You are not helping Palestinians in their case for a two-state solution.

Maju said...

Man, I have not personally met a Jew in my life. Or if I did, I do not know.

But I admire people like Spinoza, Marx or Einstein (among many other Jews surely) - so I seriously doubt you can call me Jew-hater with any consistency.

For the rest, I refer to a Jew, Joachim Martillo, and his (equally Jewish) wife, Karin Friedmann, who analyze pretty well the dynamics of political (Ashkenazi) Judaism in the last century or two. Their links are in my blogroll.

I don't have the custom of looking at the ethnicity of every single person of relevance and it's been only recently that I have discovered that Lenin was Jewish for instance. I really couldn't care less: he's a Russian historical figure for what we all care, if his ancestors would have been pureblooded German or Tatars we would not care either.

...even when in the most abject poverty.

Hmmm. As I explained to an Indian friend, Jews in Europe occupy historically much the same role that Parsis do in India: a special ethnicity with some peculiar roles, including financial management (which was forbidden to Christians for the most part). True that there were surely many poor Jews but they were also overrepresented in the European economical elites historically and these privileged Jews used their ethnic network for their own purposes. Much as they do now. Israel is just a pawn in their startegy and Jews themselves are being exploited by that Jewish (and sometimes non-Jewish but affiliated anyhow) elite.

What you are proposing is not making you any bit better than Lieberman.

What am I proposing?

You are not helping Palestinians in their case for a two-state solution.

There is no two-states solution. Neither Israel wants it (they need the West Bank especially for the waterbed that they tap upon and whose use they deny to Palestinians - but also for politico-startegical reasons) nor Palestinians want it. It's just a diplomatic diversion while the ethnic cleansing is happening before our noses. It's like Hitler's annexation of the Sudeten and then the "protectorate" over the rest of Czechia: all fireworks for the mere annexation and germanization of the area.

The only solution is a unified non-ethnical democratic state and I think that the West has the responsability of imposing such solution to Israel, with whatever transitional steps. For that it first needs to get rid of the Zionist (rather than "Jewish") grip on its economy, media and even politics.

Nationalization will anyhow happen because Capitalism is doomed but it will have that other effect: supressing the financial (and therefore ideological) grip of the Zionist virtual empire on the West, notably the USA. The sooner we deal with these two intimately related problems, the better.

PRINCESS said...

I Like cartoons.

Anonymous said...

Lenin was not Jewish but may have had a maternal grandfather of Jewish ethnicity.

From wikipedia:
"The family was of mixed ethnicity, his ancestry being “Russian, Mordovian, Kalmyk, Jewish (see Blank family), Volgan German, and Swedish, and possibly others” according to biographer Dmitri Volkogonov."

Maju said...

Ah, ok, thanks.

Well, Trotsky was Jewish anyhow and he's not particularly famous for that reason, as Marx isn't either. They are famous commies, not famous Jews.