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Monday, February 2, 2009

Around the Web: Palestine Genocide goes on

Lots of news and analysis. Can only make a short mention of some of them:

Genocide by thirst: Israeli authorities block a French water purification system for Gaza and force it back to Marseilles (from Sabbah's Blog). Water is one of the main problems faced in Gaza right now.

Genocide by starvation: the destruction of farmland in overcrowded Gaza strip is dramatically increasing the hunger in the open air prision (from Annie's letters).

Widespread and disabling torture in the West Bank (by the forces of kappo Abu Abbas) financed by British (found at Sabbah's Blog and Filasteen, originally from the Daily Mail).

Spain will ammend the War Crimes' Law after several Israelis are charged (found at Palestine Free Voice).

Also, Joachim Martillo argues that Israel is nothing but another Ponzi Scheme. Such a tiny country with such a limited economy can't really afford the payments of its huge foreign debt and that, if massive direct aid would stop flowing from the USA, Israel would just collapse in a matter of days.

And there's also some info at Palestine Video on the important gas reserves offshore of Gaza, surely one of the elements behind the genocide.

The complicity with the criminals is all around us. Can we make it stop, can we make it reversed into zero tolerance, into active boycott for the most racist regime of our times? We can at least try, we must try.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

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