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Friday, February 6, 2009

UN warns of the lack of political rights in Spain

The Special Relator for the Promotion of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in the Fight Against Terorism, Martin Schenin, has issued a new report on his mission to Spain where he denounces that:

  • Political parties and electoral lists can be forbidden without guarantees of any sort thanks to a very vague law that allows almost any reason to declare a party illegal and to the lack of guarantees in the trials where all is decided.
  • That terror scare is used to repress NGOs, media and political activities, without respecting the principles of proportionality and necessity.
  • That the term "terrorist organization" lacks of any rigorous definition and is used as a blank clause for political repression.
  • That incommunicated arrest, trials in a especial tribunal, arrests without trial for as long as four years and the increment of punishments pose too many risks for human rights and legal guarantees to be acceptable.
  • That totally new electoral lists are being repressed without any evidence of legal breach.
  • That political pluralism is essential for a society to be truly democratic and therefore any restriction should be exceptional and be clearly regulated.
Source: Gara.

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