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Sunday, February 24, 2008

My natal chart

Maybe some readers can be curious about it. Maybe some readers can give insights on it.

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My own opinion:

Eris and North Node conj. Ascendant in Aries: my karma is do as I wish but never rely on others too much, at risk of total failure. Eris means both diplomatic abilities (otherwise negated by lack of air) and troublemaking vocation (I guess, Eris is too new to know for sure). Both NN and Eris can act as "foes" and I should surely avoid Librans (as I think Eris rules that sign - this doesn't mean I dont like this sign: in fact, it's rather the opposite, just that in the end it doesn't work well).

1st house: Saturn and Sedna retro. No idea about Sedna yet but Saturn in Aries is generally bad: too impulsive for the planet of order (Einstein had it but he was a genius not an orderly person). People with Saturn in first normally have to bear great demands upon them through life, often being the oldest sybling (and not the only one). On the good side it gives good reasoning and austerity.

2nd house: not visible but there is Lilith - Black Moon (in Gemini). I tend to have little interest for money and posessions, and I really have little of them.

3rd house: empty. I have many syblings and cousins and neighbours but that's about it.

4th house: Cancer Moon. There's a music band with that name. Not sure what it may mean for them but for me it means sensibility, up to the point of hypersinsibiliy. As I see it, the Moon is perception, consciousness, "the soul" in a passive or reflexive sense. Emotions too but emotion is feeling, percieving, not being blind nor insensible. And yes, well, I am that kind. I also like history and geography, like any good Cancerian. I'm also quite homy.

5th house: Leo Mars and Sun. In some systems the Sun ends up in the 6th house... but really I'm not that hardworking nor have such a weak health. Mars in Leo is pretty tough but maybe somewhat noisy. Sun in Leo... well, I bet you know some. I do like to play can be creative at times, as is normal in this house. I usually get along with young people and can be a good teacher but I'm not really interested in children anyhow. Mars is very important because it's at the midpoint of the luminaries and also aspects the Asc-Dsc and NN-SN axis. Also it's quite high on the internal hierarchy of the chart, ruling over so many Mars-ruled placements elsewhere and only bowing to the Sun.

6th house: Virgo chain stellium. Somewhere I read, regarding certain annoyingly task of detailed analysis could only be made by someone with five planets in Virgo. Well, I happen to have them, so it's not the kind of task that scares me, really. Mercury in Virgo is pretty good: there are normal Mercuries, there are good Mercuries and then there is Virgo Mercury - have little doubt about that. On the bad side, neither Jupiter nor, specially, Venus are well placed in that sign. Pluto and Uranus are generational as per their sign but Pluto is at the appex of a minor triangle that may have some potential of insight and transformation, if the support from the Moon and Neptune is put to work. Here Moon and Neptune provide the ideas, I guess, and Pluto may get them to work.

7th house: Libra South Node and Ceres in Scorpio. If you like asteroids, I also have Pallas there (in Libra). Otherwise it's quite empty, except for the South Node. I guess I'm quite uninterested in partnerships of any kind, wouldn't it be because the SN indicates a vice, an imbalance, a tendency that must be corrected. I am very intrigued at Ceres in Scorpio (that I would guess in mutual reception with Pluto - I think Ceres should rule Virgo) because so far I haven't found it being in connection with anybody around me, at least markedly.

8th house: Neptune in Scorpio. Dreams and ideals of shared property and sexual freedom. Guess that's pretty generational, right? The important thing here is that it connects firmly with the Moon (and Pluto) and it is in its natural house, so I really feel strongly about that. But I don't expect to get any inheritance, that would be foolish.

9th house: empty. Sure, I never finished any career.

Midheaven and 10th house. The midheaven is in Capricorn, often a bad presage and otherwise the house is empty. Nevertheless the MC gets a good bunch of favorable aspects from my Virgo super-stellium... and blocking squares from my Asc-Eris-nodal axis. Some day I guess I will be able to know how that works.

11th house: empty. I have friend and all that but guess it's not my vital priority no. 1. Also due to my karma, I should follow Groucho's advise about never accepting to join any club that would accept someone like me as member.

12th house. Placements in 12th house are actually dealt with at the Ascendant section (see above), as they are in close conjunction with it. I don't use Chiron: it's just one of thousands, maybe millions tiny rocks out there - I really don't know how so many astrologers still use it. Bad habits are hard to kill, I guess.


Jhangora said...

ur astro chart makes me believe that at some point of time in this life you would create an internet forum on astrology...becoz u r not very communicative there won't be much activity on that forum...ultimately u would make a semi-blog out of that forum and a semi-forum out of this blog....which would lead to utter chaos...

Maju said...

It's easy to predict the past, specially if you know *some* of the details, as to predict something that vaguely sounds like *something* real.

But I like the part about "utter chaos" anyhow.

Jhangora said...

and u will become frustrated with the inability to attract members to the forum and ban me and shut down the forum :)

Maju said...

You are not welcome here either. Future posts by you will be deleted without contemplation.

You have crossed all red lines. You are a miserable bitch. Get a life & get lost.

Anonymous said...

For what it is worth: my planets at birth (directly overhead and on horizon) both agreed in their meaning and gave a very accurate description of my personality. (if I did the calculations properly). I have read those birth planets are the most accurate thing. Top sports stars are said to have certain planets. This only holds true in in things like golf or race driving, not sports that are mainly tests of pure natural ability like sprinting.