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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Greenland may be independent in 12 years

Greenlanders are voting today on an extended autonomy that opens the gates for full independence in the near future. The North American island, with a majority native Inuit population, has belonged to Denmark for centuries (earlier to Norway) but already abandoned EU in 1985 and is gradually heading to full sovereignity. The new statute will allow
Greenland to have some greater say in the foreign policies of the largest island of the World. Another overseas Danish province, the Faeroe islands, will also be voting in expanded self-rule in 2010.


Sheena said...

Would it be a self-sufficient nation?

Maju said...

Self-sufficient? Do you live here on Planet Earth? There is not and never has been a self-sufficient nation.

These things are not about self sufficiency (Denmark is not self-suffcient but neither is France the USA or China) but about sovereignity: why has someone in remote Copenhagen dictate how Greenland should be administered, legislated, regulated, associated... Obviously not just Greenlanders but also Danes are aware of this and it seems that the way to independene will be peaceful and friendly.

I just hope that other countries like Spain or France would learn from the Danes and quit basing their own identity on crushing the peoples around them.

Tod said...

Denmark a unique mix of welfare, economic growth
The BBC had an interview with the prime-minister of Greenland (who happens to be their biggest rock star), and badgered him about their claim to be on the verge of striking oil, "it's just a matter of time" he assured her. Hmm.

Tod said...

Denmark a unique mix of welfare, economic growth

Maju said...

Yes, sure money matters too. But the colonial history of Greenland is not any garden of roses anyhow and the island has clearly entity and cultural uniqueness to walk the path of sovereignity with all naturality.