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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chinese revenge police-killer very popular

And certainly, after reading the news on his case, I also sympathize with him. I never liked police anyhow and the guy, who stabbed to death six cops in a Shanghai police station, claims to have done it as revenge for tortures.

Personally, I think that, if everybody would act like that, getting revenge even at the expense of one's life, there would be much less injustice in the world, as it would be just way too costly to abuse others. As Gandhi put it: opressors can only opress because of the passivity of the opressed.

So here here there go my sympathies for the brave Yang Jia, lone fighter for justice in the world, who was executed yesterday. It may appear as a lost cause but it's obvious that his rage has opened the debate on police abuse and tortures in China. It's sometimes incredible what a single brave person can do, maybe not change the world in a day but certainly give such change a big push is possible.

Yang Jia

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