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Monday, November 10, 2008

Interlude: my apologies

These last weeks, going into months soon, I have not been paying much attention to this blog. Actually I have not been paying almost any attention to anything I used to: blogs, news, papers... I am evading myself like crazy and will probably continue for the next weeks or so.

Eventually I'll come back (sure) but right now I'm in the mood of "fuck reality!", as much as I can. And the blog is certainly something I do not have to do for survival (like paying the bills or buying food, which have obvious priority even over the best of evasions).

I really needed this reality break and I think I will still take some more time ignoring the world and the blogosphere largely too.

A good way to get to know when I'm posting again without effort (I assume that my readers are somehow interested in what I write) is to become a blog follower. Scroll down to the bottom and click in "follow this blog" link (you need a blogger account).

If someone explains me what is RSS (yah, there are so many things I do not know), I think I can also add a link of those to the blog for your convenience. [Update: already done, thanks to Buber].

Enjoy, life is short.


Buber said...

Kaixo Maju,

go to Customize ---> Layout ---> Page Elements ---> Add a Gadget --->Subscription Links (click on the + sign) & readers would be able to subscribe to your posts.

Maju said...

Great, thanks. :-)

Are you the "famous" Buber, Blas Uberuaga of Buber's Basque Page? Almost a celebrity over here, at least in some circles.

I will add a link to your site, I think. Never thought of it before but it's surely a good idea.


Blah,blah,blah said...

You just made me blush Leherensuge.I think I will add a link to your great blog on blah.

Ongi Etorri

Maju said...

I'm serious: yours is one of the first Internet pages I ever heard of, even before I had net access at all. It's also a great site for people interested in Basque reality who do not speak Basque, Spanish or French. Not quite but it's sort of "The Basque History of the World" (Kurlansky's famous book - that I have not read, admittedly) online. Different but a reference site anyhow.

Blush all you want but you really deserve some applause.

Enjoy (and thanks for the link).

Blah FFL said...

eskerrik asko,

I try & do what I can do.

I know you play diplomacy.Kind of boring for me.Take a look at "NFL-Idaho Fantasy Football League" & please provide feedback.

How is the weather in Bilbao?

Maju said...

I try & do what I can do.

That's the way to go, I believe.

I know you play diplomacy.Kind of boring for me.

Not anymore. I like the game but after I was snubbed out of an "elite" club for using the term "Gringo", I have left the hobby.

Take a look at "NFL-Idaho Fantasy Football League" & please provide feedback.

Don't know: I do not understand how's that played but Football League doesn't appeal to me at all. That's what I find "boring": sports except when being a player yourself. I almost never watch sports and when I do it's normally cause they are "freaky" things like pilota or whatever. But if there's a really good documentary on, who knows, the Kuiper Belt or the life of roaches, I'll switch channels right away.

What has me hooked nowadays is (certain) PC games, including MOGs. Each one has his/her personal tastes.

How is the weather in Bilbao?

Just not raining right now, for a change. Not really cold either: just fresh. Today's national forecastz