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Friday, October 10, 2008

USA nuked Iraq in the first Gulf War

That is what
veteran Jim Brown declared for the Italian state broadcaster RAI (video in English): that a "small" nuclear bomb of 5 kilotons was launched between Basra and the Iranian border.

According to Mr. Brown, founder of the veterans' organization Gulf Watch Intelligent Networking System, the US Military threw a pentration nuclear bomb (that explodes once underground) in that area east of Basra, probably with the intention of sending a strong message to the Iraqi President that they were determined to win the war by all means necessary.

It is the third nuclear weapon used ever in warfare apparently, after those thrown against Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII. The Basra bomb was smaller than those used against Japan, which had 16 and 22 kilotons respectively, and certainly much smaller than any intercontinental weapon whose destruction power is measured in megatons.

But still it was the use of a nuclear weapon, with painful consequences for the locals. Consequences that, as Brown denounces, are largely hidden by he widespread use of other radioactive weapons: depleted uranium ammunition. The problem of radioactivity effects in the Basra area has a long a story but it was so far believed it had been caused by depleted uranium ammo, not a full fledged nuclear bomb.

The Pentagon denies the claim.


Roger said...

This is totally false inflammatory garbage - who is Brown? More importantly, why did you post these lies to your blog? Who do these lies benefit?

Maju said...

Well, if the RAI and other major European media are taking this seriously, I have all the right (and probably the duty) to do it as well. I cannot know if it is true but the accusation seems serious enough.

Brown is a former US serviceman, who fought in the 1st War of Iraq and he's based his denounce, as the video clearly states, on the testimonies of other US soldiers.

It's just US veterans speaking what they feel that is the truth. I fear they may well be right.

What evidence do you have to claim it is false? Have you researched the issue at all? I bet not: you are just in denial.