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Friday, June 27, 2008

Anti-G8 activists preventively criminalized as possible "terrorists"

The next G8 summit will be in Japan and the people there are already getting ready to protest. But police is getting ready too and has distributed an incredible poster that associates mostly peaceful anti-globalization grassroots struggle with "terrorism":

(source: Gipfelsoli)

The G8 is a select club of some of the wealthiest and most powerful states in the world and their summits, as well as other related conferences, are percieved as a sort of elitist Global Government. The G8 members are: USA (1st power by GDP (PPP)), Japan (3rd), Germany (5th), United Kingdom (6th), Russia (7th), France (8th), Italy (10th) and Canada (13th). China (2nd global power by this standard), India (4th), Brazil (9th), Spain (11th), Mexico (12th) and South Korea (14th) are for historical reasons (read: Eurocentrism, neocolonialism, etc.) not included in the group. Japan is the only G8 member that does not have European culture and, together with Russia, the only one that does not belong to NATO.

More info on Japan police-induced paranoia, with rare collectable posters or 21st century parlamentary police-state can be found at Debito.

Schedule for your alternative holidays in Japan (anti-globalization protests and the like):

· 26-27 (Kyoto): Demonstration against the Foreign Ministers' meeting
· 28-29 (Tokyo): Deminstration against the G8

· 1 (Tokyo): International Forum against the G8
· 1-4 (Sapporo): Tematic activities

· 3 (Sapporo): Punks against the G8
· 3 (Sapporo): International Conference on antimilitarism and women
· 5 (Sapporo): International Action Day
· 5 (Chitose): Protest at the airport
· 7-9 (Lake Toya): Blockade of G8 meeting
· 6-8 (Sapporo): Alternative Summit
· 7-9 (Lake Toya): Anarchist Football Cup

(Source: La Haine)

Sites to watch:
· NO-G8 Action Japan
· Japan Indymedia


terryt said...

Terrorism. Another magic word. Allows governments to get away with anything they want to.

Maju said...

Yeap. It's the perfect Orwellian foe.